Photo by Suzanne Slenter - Netherlands

Photo by Loren Haar - California

Photo by Flávia Linhares Martins - Brazil

Photo by Krista Taylor

Photo by Madison Huntsman - Texas

Photo by Lauren Brimhall - Pennsylvania

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  1. said or delivered without a prepared script; impromptu; unrehearsed.

What is Life Unscripted?

LUI is an International collective of Photographers who specialize in documentary family photography. With COVID-19 having all but decimated the wedding industry in some parts of the world, it is LUI’s hope that well-branded and impactful “Unscripted Awards” will increase exposure to the documentary family industry and increase its perceived value among potential clients worldwide.

Our Stance

Life Unscripted Images stands against sexism, racism, discrimination and gender freedom and equality, prejudice and hatred of any kind. We are about celebrating beautiful documentary family photography in a warm, all-inclusive, and judgement-free environment.